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Yaroslavl State Technical University (YSTU) is the largest technical University in the Yaroslavl region.

YSTU was founded in 1944. The University provides almost 5,000 students with higher education. The students in 60 profiles, programs and specializations are enrolled in the University.

In 2019, almost 1000 budget vacancies and 300 fee-paid vacancies will be allocated for future students. The University has 5 faculties (Chemistry and Engineering faculty, the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Vehicle faculty, Economics and Engineering faculty and the Correspondence education faculty) and 3 institutes (Institute of Architecture and Design, Institute of Construction and Transportation, Institute of Additional Education and e-learning). Four branches of training of YSTU are included in the TOP-20 in Russia (rating on reception quality - the average score of the national exam).

YSTU cooperates with the Government of the Yaroslavl region and the largest enterprises of the region. The University takes part in the Agreement to create the Association of innovative and technological development in the Yaroslavl region. In addition to YSTU the Government of the region and a number of universities are the participants of this Agreement. 17 cooperation agreements with partners in innovation activity and potential employers were concluded in 2018. "Project exchange" has started its work. 90% of YSTU graduates are successfully employed. Many find work during their studies.

Students of YSTU have an active life outside the classroom. The University has a Union of students and Trade Union Committee for students. Sports, creative, scientific and social events are held. Students participate and win competitions and festivals of regional, Federal and International levels. In 2018 Anastasia Kamneva and Juliana Muravyeva became the best (1st and 3rd place) in Europe (Budapest) at EuroSkills 2018, the professional skills competitions in the "Laboratory chemical analysis" category.
Campus of YSTU is one of the largest in the region and includes 8 academic buildings, 4 student hostels, sports building, dining room, stadium, autodrome. All nonresident students are provided with hostels.

YSTU is a modern education for a successful career.
YSTU is the real future!

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